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We are happy to share with you some poems created by participants of our first installment of ‘An Evening of Poetry and Tea’. Thank you to all who participated!

Poem 1

Warm and inviting
The open pour
connecting back to
what the earth
delicate ridges
and steamed
thoughts rise
to meet the
smiles of strangers
together exploring
a fall beginning
of leaf gifts

Poem 2

Walking in the darkness
in time to catch the sun as it rises
brings a warmth and nourishment to my
the way a pure cup of puerh
invigorates my senses

I invite the ways in which
you can awaken my awareness

You connect me back to my roots
the way you come to be
and the way in which I'll return

Poem 3

Boiling over over over

I'm over it
This push and pull
in the direction of full

Is a full life fulfilling
if my cup is overflowing?

I'm learning the direction I'm going
is not a beginning or end

But a forever flowing evolution
of aged and fermented paths

Published by dobrateaasheville

Dobra Tea is a full service teahouse in Asheville, NC. We have two location: one on Lexington Ave in Downtown Asheville and one on Haywood Rd in West Asheville.

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