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Tea poetry in the Tang Dynasty helped shape the way people drank and viewed tea. The early tea sages would retreat into the country side to prepare tea. With their inspiration elevated by the tea, they would create art and write poetry. We invite you to take some time to brew a pot and get creative.

By: Phil Krell

Do we call it chance?
Do we call it meant to be?
The fine point atop
A wash of facts-
 blooming possibility

An intersection of time and space
Dreams of wafting steam
All distilled within this cup of tea

Materially,  all is regarded plainly
Water - cup - leaf
But its temperature-
A spell of energy
Its story -
A gift from friends I seldom see
And its intention-
Seas of green
Laborious love
A moment of reprieve

The world without blossoming within me
Listless dreams
Scrawled in wafting steam


Published by dobrateaasheville

Dobra Tea is a full service teahouse in Asheville, NC. We have two location: one on Lexington Ave in Downtown Asheville and one on Haywood Rd in West Asheville.

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